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What is Allergies

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What is Allergies Ayurvedic treatment


Allergies are a type of defense mechanism of the human body to protect itself against harmful effects of a foreign particle. It is generally caused by the body when it reacts against a matter that the body perceives to be dangerous. as a danger to itself. Allergies are not a common happening for every individual. These may occur for a lot of foreign particles that may actually not be harmful and hence end up creating trouble to the sufferer.1

The immune system of the body produces ‘antibodies’ that protect form these harmful foreign particles. In allergies, often the body produces a powerful reaction to a substance (through producing antibodies) even though the allergen may not be harmful for the body. The severity of an allergic reaction varies from being a minor localized irritation, to a full fledged medical emergency called anaphylaxis.1

In Ayurveda, the texts mention symptoms that are similar to an allergic reaction under the concept of ‘Dooshivisha’ (Irritating toxins). A regular exposure to unhealthy habitat, season, food and diwaswap (day sleep) tends to aggravate dhatus (the tissues), thereby causing irritating symptoms.  Hence the toxins are called as dooshivisha.2

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