Ayurvedic treatment for Angioedema Causes

Angioedema Causes

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Angioedema Causes


Angioedema may be acquired of hereditary. Acquired may have causes related to immune system or at times may occur due to unknown factors while genetic predisposition is present in hereditary angioedema.

It can be caused due to the following1:

  • An allergic reaction, such as a food allergy known as "allergic angioedema"
  • Medications (such as angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors for high blood pressure). This is known as "drug-induced angioedema"
  • A genetic condition called "hereditary angioedema"

But in many other cases, the causes of angioedema are not fully known or understood. This is known as "idiopathic angioedema".1

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