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What is Chicken Pox

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What is Chicken Pox Ayurvedic treatment


The condition of ‘Chickenpox’ (also known as Varicella) is caused by a virus and generally seen as an itchy rash with small, fluid-filled blisters/boils. It is highly contagious (spreads easily) to people who haven't had the disease or have not been vaccinated against it. Before regular chickenpox vaccination was followed, almost all people used to get chicken pox by the time they reached adulthood. Some even had serious complications. With regular vaccination available, the number of cases has come down dramatically all over the world and India too.1

As per Ayurveda, chicken pox is referred to as Laghu masurika. Laghu means smaller or milder – thus chicken pox is a milder version of the more deadly masurika (Small pox). It includes taamra (coppery) and sapeeta (slightly yellow) sphota (vesicles) on the body. The symptoms are also accompanied by daah (burning), jwara (fever), ruja (pain) and specifically appear on body, face and oral cavity.2

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