Ayurvedic treatment for What is Jaundice fever

What is Jaundice fever

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What is Jaundice fever Ayurvedic treatment


Jaundice fever is a condition where fever is accompanied by yellowness of the skin and white part of the eyes. This happens due to high amount of bilirubin (a yellow pigment) in the blood—a condition called hyperbilirubinemia.1

In many people with jaundice, dark urine and light-colored stools are also noticed. These changes occur when a blockage or other problem prevents bilirubin from being eliminated in stool, causing more bilirubin to be eliminated in urine.1

Jaundice is correlated with the disease Kamala in Ayurvedic literature. This is a pittaj vyadhi - i.e. one that is caused due to vitiated pitta dosha. It is caused due to interactions between the Agni (digestive fire), Ama (undigested toxins), Dosha (biofactors), Dushya (cells), and Srotas (tissues).2

Kamala is further classified into koshthashrita kamala (Obstructive jaundice) and shakhashrit kamala (Cholestatic jaundice). In kosthashrit, the excessive pitta vridhi due to all the above mentioned nidana (causes), produces abnormality in the Raktavaha srotas and Raktvaha sroto mula (bood tissues), causing localized affliction in the liver. Then ati pravriti (excessive flow) of pitta occurs through pitta vaha srotas (channels of pitta) into the koshtha (Abdomen), resulting in the dark yellow coloration of urine and stool. Vitiated vata also causes ati-pravriti of pitta in Rasa-Rakta and other dhatus. So when this vridha pitta reaches the sites of the clinical manifestation of Kamala disease via Rasa-Rakta Dhatus, it produces yellow discoloration just like that of Haridra (turmeric) in these sites i.e. in eyes, skin, face nail, urine etc. which is the cardinal signs of Kamala.2 Ayurveda also describes the complications of Kamala.

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