Ayurvedic treatment for Kala Azar Causes

Kala Azar Causes

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Kala Azar Causes

Causes of KALA AZAR

The cause of Kala azar is a protozoan parasite that may belong to any of the more than 20 Leishmania species. These parasites are transmitted into humans by the bites of the infected female phlebotomine sandfly - a tiny insect. There are three main forms of leishmaniasis:

  • Cutaneous,
  • Visceral or kala-azar, and
  • Mucocutaneous.1

Since most people infected by the parasite do not develop any symptoms at all in their life; therefore, the term leishmaniasis refers to actually showing signs of sickness due to a Leishmania infection and not just being infected with the parasite.1

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