Ayurvedic treatment for Kala Azar Symptoms

Kala Azar Symptoms

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Kala Azar Symptoms

Symptoms of KALA AZAR

While many people with Leishmaniasis do not show symptoms, those who show signs of sickness with leishmaniasis (Kala azar) may show the following2

  • A recurrent fever that is intermittent or rises twice in a day
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss with thinning of body
  • General weakness
  • Splenomegaly – spleen enlarges rapidly to massive enlargement
  • Mild enlargement of Liver
  • Swelling of lymph glands – not very commonly seen in India
  • Dryness, thinning and scaly skin.
  • Hair may be lost.
  • Light coloured persons show grayish discolouration of the skin of hands, feet, abdomen and face which gives the Indian name Kala-azar meaning “Black fever”
  • Rapid development of Anemia

Anaemia with lethargy and gross splenomegaly produces a typical appearance of the patients2

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