Ayurvedic treatment for What is Malarial fever

What is Malarial fever

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What is Malarial fever Ayurvedic treatment


Like many other vector borne diseases (infectious diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans), Malaria is caused by a parasite that is transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes. Malarial fever produces recurrent attacks of chills and fever.1

While the disease is uncommon in temperate climates, malaria is still prevalent in tropical and subtropical countries.1

In Ayurveda, malaria is considered under the aegis of Vishama jwara. Vishama jwara means ‘irregular’ in every aspect - the origin, symptoms, periodicity - As per Vagbhatta - a renowned Acharya. Vitiated doshas in this type of fever do not have enough strength like other types of fevers. They get located in the rasa dhātu (tissues of nourishment), attacking the body as and when they like. Hence, even if the fever subsides, the patient feels exhausted, heavy and lethargic. This feature typically resonates with malarial fever wherein the fever subsides and reappears at fixed intervals. This feature of the fever is known as muktaanubandhitvam (reappearing at regular intervals).2

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