Ayurvedic treatment for Malarial fever Causes

Malarial fever Causes

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Malarial fever Causes


It is well known that malaria is caused by a type of microscopic parasite that's transmitted most commonly by mosquito bites.1

The mosquito transmission cycle of malaria1

The cycle of transmission of the infection occurs as per the following stages

  • An uninfected mosquito feeds on an infected person and the parasites enter the mosquito. They stay dormant in the mosquito’s body.
  • When this mosquito bites another healthy person, the parasites get transferred into that person.
  • The parasites then travel to the liver of the healthy person and start growing.
  • When they mature, they leave the liver and infect the red blood cells. By doing this, they result in the symptoms of malarial fever.
  • This person now also becomes a carrier of the parasites, and any mosquito biting this person becomes infected and the cycle continues.

Other modes of transmission1

Since symptoms of malaria occur only after the red blood cell are infected by the parasites, it is possible for others to get infected if exposed to the parasites from blood directly (instead of the mosquito cycle). This can happen in the following circumstances- 1

  • From a pregnant woman to her yet to be born baby
  • Through transfusion of infected blood
  • Through infected needles during drug usage

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