Ayurvedic treatment for What is Pneumonitis

What is Pneumonitis

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What is Pneumonitis Ayurvedic treatment


The word ‘Pneumonitis’ is a general term that refers to inflammation (swelling) of lung tissue (alveoli). Although pneumonia is technically a type of pneumonitis because the infection causes inflammation, the term ‘pneumonitis’ is generally used for causes of lung inflammation, other than infections.1

Amongst factors that can cause pneumonitis, exposure to airborne irritants are the commonest. Additionally, cancer treatments and many other drugs can cause pneumonitis.1 

Ayurveda describes types of fevers which resemble the symptoms of pneumonitis. Pneumonitis is a type of inflammation that can be co-related with Shwasanaka Jwara (fever distressing respiration). Similar to the samprapti (progression of disease) of other jwaras (fevers), this condition is a resultant of multiple dosha dushya samoorchana (multi factorial pathogenesis). It is a dukh sadhya vyadhi (difficult to cure) and often leads to death.2

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