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What is Rheumatic fever

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What is Rheumatic fever Ayurvedic treatment


Rheumatic fever is considered as an inflammatory disease that generally develops as a complication of inadequately treated throat infection. This throat infection is typically an infection caused by a bacteria of the class streptococcal bacteria (known as group A streptococcus bacteria).  The condition is also called as Scarlet fever.1

Rheumatic fever is a serious condition as it can cause permanent damage to the heart, such as damage to the heart valves and can also lead to heart failure. Correct treatment can reduce tissue damage from inflammation, lessen the pain and other symptoms, and also prevent the recurrence of rheumatic fever.1

According to Ayurveda, Rheumatic fever is classified as Amavata jwara. The word Ama refers to undigested matter that forms toxins. When people with a sedentary lifestyle coupled with low digestion/metabolism, indulge in incompatible diet, or physical exertion after taking fatty food, the ama (toxic matter) is formed. This ama is fueled by unbalanced vayu & reaches the site of kapha. The amrasa (Ras dhatu – tissues- contaminated with ama) on being completely processed & highly vitiated by vata,pitta and kapha, circulate the body through the vessels and causes symptoms such as aches, fever etc, of amavata jwara.2

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