Ayurvedic treatment for Rubella Causes

Rubella Causes

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Rubella Causes

Causes of RUBELLA

The cause of rubella is a virus that's passed from person to person. The virus spreads when any infected person coughs or sneezes. It can also spread by direct contact with an infected person's respiratory secretions, such as mucus or spit. It can also be transmitted from a pregnant woman to her unborn child via the bloodstream.1

A person with rubella is already contagious from around 10 days before the onset of the skin rash and stays contagious until about one or two weeks after the rash disappears. Thus, any infected person can spread the illness even before he or she is diagnosed with Rubella. 1

Rubella is a cause for concern in infants and pregnant ladies and is known for causing loss of pregnancy.1

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