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What is Urticaria

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What is Urticaria Ayurvedic treatment


The term ‘Urticaria’ refers to a skin reaction that causes red or white spots on the skin along with itching. These spots may vary in size, and may appear and fade repeatedly as the disease will run its own course.1

Additionally, another type of Urticaria called cold urticaria is also identified. The part of the skin which comes in contact with cold develops reddish colored itching spots. The severity of cold urticaria symptoms vary widely. While some people have minor reactions to cold, others can have severe reactions. Swimming in cold water is the most common cause of a whole-body (systemic) reaction. This causes very low blood pressure, fainting, shock and even death.2

As per Ayurveda, Urticaria is referred to as Sheetapitta - comprising of two words sheeta (cold) and pitta (eruptions). This is a condition caused due to dominance of sheeta (cold) over pitta dosha. Sheetapitta is a condition resulted due to excited kapha and vata.3

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