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What is Bone cyst

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What is Bone cyst Ayurvedic treatment


A bone cyst refers to a cyst or a lined sac in the bone. This is a gap or a discontinuity in the bone tissue that has a fluid filled sac like structure inside it. Generally these cysts in the bone are harmless but if their size increases, they may weaken the bone and prone to injuries like fracture.1

The bone cysts are found in two forms. These are -

  1. Unicameral bone cysts - These are common and found anywhere in the body.1
  2. Aneurysmal bone cysts - These are not very common and are generally found in the bones of the legs, arms & spine. These are formed due to a blood vessel enlargement in the bone tissue. 1

As per Ayurveda, though the concept of bone cyst is not described independently but the description of a cyst is found under the aegis of ‘Granthi. ‘ Granthi refers to a swelling with the involvement vatta, pitta or kapha doshas with a predominance of any one or two of them.2 Traumatic cystic swellings in bone are also described. 2,3

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