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What is Dislocated bone

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What is Dislocated bone Ayurvedic treatment


A joint is a place where two or more bones meet. They are held together through many ligaments and muscles – that strengthen the joint and help in movements. Dislocation is the separation of any bone at the joint or from its place in the body. This leads to a temporary but painful condition which needs prompt medical treatment.1

In Ayurvedic texts, the first mention of fractures and their management was in the Sushruta Samhita.

According to Ayurveda, compromises in bone movements can be caused due to various injuries including by slip/fall, pressure on joints, excessive movements, animal bites, striking, etc. When these compromises in bone movements lead to fractures (asthi bhagna); the type of fracture that occurs in the joints is called as sandhimukta. Dislocation of bones, is therefore, a type of fracture and is managed accordingly.2

Ayurveda describes 6 types of bone dislocations. These are3

  1. Utpista - A dislocation due to fracture
  2. Vislista -  tear in ligament causing dislocation
  3. Vivartita - A dislocation in the bone of the arm
  4. Avakshipta - Displacement of the humerus head (Arm bone)
  5. Atikshipta - Displacement of two articular surfaces of bones
  6. Tiryakshipta – An oblique/slanting dislocation  


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