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What is Fractures

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What is Fractures Ayurvedic treatment


Fracture means a break in the continuity of a bone. This can happen as a result of a severe trauma or due to a secondary underlying condition. Fractures are of two types1:

  • Open fracture – when bone is broken in such a way that it sticks out through the skin
  • Closed fracture – a break or crack in the bone that does not cut into the skin

In Ayurvedic texts, fractures have been explained as Khanda Bhagna / Asthi Bhagna (Fracture of Bones). These fractures can be caused due to various injuries including slip/fall from a height, pressure on joints, pulling with force,excessive movements, ferocious animal bites, striking, etc. Fractures can be of two types2:

  • Sandhimukta - that is dislocation 
  • Kanda-bhagna - that is body fracture

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