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What is Growing pains

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What is Growing pains Ayurvedic treatment


Growing pains is the pain that growing children experience in their legs. Growing pains are usually experienced at night and may be related to a lowered pain threshold of the child.1

Ayurveda does not recognize the concept of growing pains. Pain although is a symptom that is covered under vatavyadhi.2

According to Ayurveda, pain is attributed to Vatadosha, thus any kind of Aghat or shock will sensitize the pain Vata dosha.3 Ayurveda divides pain into categories depending upon the element (dosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha) that caused them.

We have pain due to dryness and excessive air within the system, which is attributed to Vata dosha. This dry pain may appear extreme, come and go, travel throughout the body, feel like pins and needles, prickling pain or numbness.5

Vata – Pitta Pain : Presents with burning, is intense in nature and localized.The intensity increases until peak is achieved around midday or midnight.5

Vata-Kapha pain: it is a dull and localized type of pain.  Pain increases in intensity gradually over 6 hours to upto 25 hours and last for days. Pain is highly troubling in late evening or early morning.5

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