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What is Heart attack

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What is Heart attack Ayurvedic treatment


Heart attack happens when a blood clot suddenly blocks the supply of blood to the heart muscles, leading to immense pain, heaviness and congestion in chest area. Because of this blockage, heart muscle does not get enough oxygen to function properly. When the blood supply is not restored early, the muscle begin to die.1

The terms Hridyata, Hridroga, Hridayamaya and Hridaya Sula have been used in Vedas. The earliest detailed description of Hridrogas is available in Caraka Samhita.

Ayurveda explains, in the presence of the etiological factors the doshas get vitiated and take refuge in Hridaya. Then vitiate Rasa, Hridaya being the seat of Rasa, and produce Hridroga. Heart diseases in Ayurveda are of five types, viz. Vataj Hrid Roga (angina like pain dominant), Pittaja Hrid Roga (suppurating or inflammatory condition involving heart or nearby), Kaphaja Hrid Roga (Organic disorders), Tridoshaja Hrid Roga and Krimija Hrid Roga (may be interpreted as Valvular heart disease) 

Heart attack is explained as doshabhighataja hrid roga. Abhighata to Hridya i.e. heart attack is characterized by2

  • Coughing (kasa)
  • Difficulty breathing (shvaas)
  • Extreme weakness (bala kshya)
  • Dry mouth (kantha sosha)
  • Dry palate (talu sosha)
  • Fits (apasmara – due to blockage of blood supply to brain)

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