Ayurvedic treatment for Herpes Symptoms

Herpes Symptoms

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Herpes Symptoms

Symptoms of HERPES

The symptoms of herpes vary depending on the site of infection. Some symptoms common to both oral and genital herpes are:

  • Fever, muscle aches, or swollen lymph nodes (glands) in the neck or genital region
  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • An eye infection - Sometimes the herpes simplex virus can spread to one or both eyes which can even result in vision loss

Oral herpes infection is mostly asymptomatic, and most people infected are unaware. Most common symptoms are:

  • Tingling, itching or burning sensation around their mouth, before the appearance of sores
  • Painful blisters or open sores called ulcers in or around the mouth
  • Sores on the lips commonly known as “cold sores”
  • Periodic recurrence of blisters with varying frequency

Genital herpes can be asymptomatic or have mild symptoms that go unrecognized. Typically, symptoms may appear between 2-12 days after exposure.

  • Vesicles on or around the genitals, rectum or mouth - characterized by 1 or more genital or anal blisters or ulcers.
  • May recur but not very frequently

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