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What is Melasma

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What is Melasma Ayurvedic treatment


Melasma is the medical name of the condition where person has brown to grey-brown patches on cheeks, forehead, chin or above upper lip. It can also appear on other parts of body which get to much exposure to sun such as arms. Women get this disease more than men and it is commonly seen during pregnancy.

Ayurveda describes melasma as ‘Neelika’ associated with Vata, Pitta Dosha and Manasika Nidanas (psychological etiological factors) such as Krodha (anger), Shoka (sorrow), and Ayasa (mental exertion). Some believe that other conditions of skin like Vyanga (freckles) may be correlated. Freckles are hyper-pigmentation disorders of facial skin with localized discoloration.

It s classified as a Kshudraroga (minor disease) which reduces the radiant skin complexion; and is identified by the appearance of Niruja (painless), Tanu (thin) and Shavavarna Mandalas (bluish-black patches) on the face and other parts of body.2

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