Ayurvedic treatment for Shingles Causes

Shingles Causes

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Shingles Causes

Causes of SHINGLES

Shingles can occur in any individual with a history of chickenpox. Once an individual recovers from chicken pox, the virus enters the nervous system and remains inactive for several years. The virus can subsequently reactivate and travel along nerve pathways to the skin resulting in Shingles. The reason for the virus reactivation may be the reduced immunity with increasing age (more common in older adults).3

Ayurveda attributes the occurrence of Shingles to the vitiation of Pitta dosha and Rakta Dhatu  or obstructionin the flow of prana along the cutaneous nerves. This obstruction is usually observed in the thoracolumbar nerve roots (back region) associated with anahata chakra leading to a painful band-like rash at the ribcage or chest wall.2

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