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What is Warts

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What is Warts Ayurvedic treatment

WARTS Meaning

Warts are growths on the skin caused due to infection with human papilloma virus (HPV).  Based on the region of the skin they appear, they are classified into four types:1,2

Common warts: Appear on the fingers, are small, grainy

Plantar warts: Appear on the soles of the feet

Genital warts: Are a sexually transmitted disease

Flat warts: Appear in places that are shaved frequently

Most HPV types cause relatively less harmful conditions like common warts, but some can cause cause serious disease such as cancer of the cervix.

Ayurveda describes Warts as Charmakeela; a word derived from the words ‘charma’ and ‘keela’.

  • ‘Char’ means dathu, ‘ma’ is pratyaya
  • Keela means “keelyatha rudyathe sou anentra vaa”: that which pricks like a nail

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