Ayurvedic treatment for Warts Causes

Warts Causes

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Warts Causes

Causes of WARTS

Warts are caused by an infection with the human papilloma virus. The response to HPV depends on an individual’s immunity; therefore, not everyone who comes in contact with HPV will develop warts.

  • Warts can be transmitted from skin-to-skin contact with individuals suffering from warts.
  • HPV can transmit from one region to another on an individual’s body.
  • Warts virus can be transmitted by using things like towel or exercise equipment of a warts patient.
  • The virus generally spreads through breaks in the skin, such as a hangnail or a scrape.
  • Biting nails can also cause warts to spread on the fingertips and around the nails.

According to Sushruta, the aggravation of prakupita vyana vayu when associates with kapha results in development of peg or nail shaped buds in the outer layer of skin, known as charmakeela or charma arsha. Vata is responsible for pricking pain of the charmakeela, whereas the knotty shape and the color of lesion similar to the surrounding skin due to kapha. Charmakeela which is dry, black or sometimes white, smooth to touch and hard is formed by pitta and rakta.3

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