Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes and sleep disorders Causes

Diabetes and sleep disorders Causes

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Diabetes and sleep disorders Causes


Insomnia also called Anidra / Nidranasha is an imbalance in Tarpaka Kapha, Sadhaka Pitta and PranaVayu.

  • Tarpak Kapha is an additional-dosha of Kapha and its job is to replenish cells of the brain, resulting in a restful night’s sleep. When this dosha is not in balance the brain cells remain under-nourished, causing insomnia (the medical condition used to describe inability to get normal sleep).
  • PranaVayu is an additonal-dosha of Vata it creates a sensitive nervous system, and this, together with an increased PranaVayu, causes insomnia. It’s also related to depression, anxiety and worrying.
  • Sadhak Pitta is an additional-dosha of Pitta which is primarily found in the heart. It’s in control of our emotions, decision-making, spirituality and desires. Any imbalance creates problems for the patient, such as working too hard and too long, and becoming very irritable. This ultimately leads to sleep disorders.3

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