Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes and sleep disorders Symptoms

Diabetes and sleep disorders Symptoms

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Diabetes and sleep disorders Symptoms


(1) Vata-type insomnia: It usually means a restless night in which there is much tossing and turning. A Vatamay person may not fall asleep at all, or wake up between 2 and 4am, and may not go back to sleep until after the heaviness of kapha time starts (after 6am).

(2) Pitta insomnia: Pitta insomnia is when the patient is unable to sleep until the pitta period of the night (10pm-2am) is over. The Pitta insomniac is abnormally-aroused and has too much cortisols (hormones released in case of stress) in their system. They simply cannot ‘switch off’ enough to go to sleep. Pitta related sleep disorder patients are irritable, and may have disturbing dreams about fighting, if they do get enough sleep.

(3) Kapha insomnia: A kapha condition interferes with normal sleep with the symptom of excessive sleep. Waking up too early in the morning (6am) may be a type of Kapha insomnia, as is feeling sluggish (slow-moving, inactive feeling) after a full night’s sleep.

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