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What is Diabetes in children

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What is Diabetes in children Ayurvedic treatment


Diabetes is a lifelong disease in which the blood sugar levels rise higher than normal. Until recently, children were mostly affected by type 1 form of diabetes (also called as juvenile diabetes) which is caused when the body is unable to make insulin- an important hormone for reducing excess sugar in the body. But this isn’t the case anymore. Increased numbers of children are now also getting type 2 form of diabetes, which is the most common diabetes in adults. Childhood obesity, bad lifestyle and poor diet are the main factors for causing this condition.2

In Ayurveda, diabetes is called madhumeha kshaudrameha, which means “excessive urine with sweet taste like honey”. The type 1 form of diabetes is called sahaja/jatah prameha and is mostly seen in children and thin people. The type 2 form of diabetes is called apathyanimittaja and is caused due to excessive habits such as improper diet and bad lifestyle, and is mostly seen is obese and overweight people, adults and children alike.

Ayurveda describes diabetes as one of the 20 types of urinary diseases or pramehas. These are classified based on the imbalance of predominant doshas of the individuals (10 due to kapha, 6 due to pitta and 4 due to vata), and physical appearance of urine.

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