Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes in menopause  Symptoms

Diabetes in menopause Symptoms

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Diabetes in menopause  Symptoms


One of challenges for menopausal women with diabetes is differentiating between the symptoms of both conditions. Hot flashes or moodiness may be assumed as symptoms of low blood sugar, leading to consumption of extra calories, and over time, causing weight gain and diabetes. It is important to keep in mind these common symptoms that diabetes and menopause may present together:

  • Change in blood sugar levels: Menopause will cause your blood sugar level to be more variable and less controlled. This means you are at higher risk of diabetes.
  • Weight gain: Menopause may cause excessive weight gain which ultimately will increase your need for diabetes medicines.
  • Infections: The decreased levels of estrogen during menopause and high blood sugar makes you more prone to¬† urinary and vaginal infections
  • Sleep problems: Menopause causes sleep problems due to hot flashes and night sweats, which ultimately make it tougher to manage your blood sugar level

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