Ayurvedic treatment for Dizziness Causes

Dizziness Causes

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Dizziness Causes


The most common causes of dizziness include:4

  • An inner ear infection called labyrinthitis - that causes a disturbance in your hearing and balance, and can lead to vertigo, a severe form of dizziness.
  • Dizziness associated with headache may be seen called as migraine. Dizziness may occur before or after the headache, or even without the headache
  • Stress or anxiety – especially if you tend to hyperventilate
  • Low blood sugar level associated with diabetes
  • Postural hypotension – a rapid fall in blood pressure when you sit or stand up suddenly and which goes away after lying down. This is more common in older people
  • Dehydration or heat exhaustion
  • Decreased blood flow in the back of the brain, which may be caused by the blood vessels that lead to the brain from the heart being blocked (known as atherosclerosis)

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