Ayurvedic treatment for What is Ear infection

What is Ear infection

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What is Ear infection Ayurvedic treatment


Ear infection is a condition affecting the middle ear, mostly caused by bacteria or viruses. Children are more prone to this condition as compared to adults. Ear infections may cause significant pain due to the inflammation and fluid accumulation in the middle ear.

Treatment is usually focused on pain management and monitoring the problem, since the infection often clears up on its own. Severe cases as well as occurrence of ear infection in infants may often require antibiotic therapy. Chronic and frequent infections may cause long-term problems related to the ear such as persistent fluids in the middle ear, hearing problems and other serious complications.1

Karna Roga, or ear disorders in Ayurveda ear disorders, can be caused by one of four imbalances:

  • Vata: Imbalances of vata leads to thin discharge, dry ear wax, severe pain, ringing in ear (tinnitus), and deafness.
  • Pitta: Imbalances of pitta causes yellow discharge, swelling, redness, tearing, and burning.
  • Kapha: Imbalances of kapha leads to white and slimy discharge, abnormal hearing, itching, stable swelling, and mild pain.
  • Sannipatataja: This phenomenon is when there is a simultaneous imbalance between vata, pitta, and kapha; the discharge is colored according to the predominant dosha.2

Ear infections are generally due to imbalances in the kapha. A child with a kapha body type is susceptible to getting ear infections in the springtime, or other times when there is kapha favouring environment or when the child is in the kapha time of life (around eight years old). The risk of ear infections also increases if the child is eating a kapha-aggravating diet (lots of sweets, wheat, dairy).2

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