Ayurvedic treatment for Hearing loss Causes

Hearing loss Causes

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Hearing loss Causes


A mechanical problem in the outer or middle ear causes conductive hearing loss (CHL). Causes of conductive hearing loss include:3

  • Accumulation of wax in the ear canal
  • Damage to the small bones that are present right behind the eardrum
  • Fluid that accumulates in the ear after an ear infection
  • Damage to the ear canal caused by the insertion of a foreign object
  • Hole in the eardrum
  • Recurrent infections in the ear that causes the formation of scar.

Death or injury of the tiny hair cells (nerve endings) that detect sound in the ear causes Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). This type of hearing loss often cannot be reversed. The common causes of sensorineural hearing loss are:3

  • Acoustic neuroma – noncancerous growth on cranial nerve
  • Hearing loss due to advancing age
  • Childhood infections, such as meningitis, mumps, scarlet fever, and measles
  • Ménière's disease – disease of the inner ear
  • Regular exposure to loud noises
  • Use of certain medicines

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