Ayurvedic treatment for Hearing loss Symptoms

Hearing loss Symptoms

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Hearing loss Symptoms

Symptoms of HEARING LOSS

Symptoms associated with hearing loss may include:3

  • Very loud perception of certain sounds
  • Difficulty following normal conversations between two or more people
  • Difficulty hearing in noisy areas
  • Trouble distinguishing high-pitched sounds from one another
  • More trouble hearing women's voices than men’s voices
  • Difficulty in hearing in presence of background noise
  • Hearing voices as mumbled or slurred

Other symptoms include:3

  • Feeling of dizziness or imbalance (more common with Ménière's disease and acoustic neuroma)
  • Feeling of pressure in the ear (due to the accumulated fluid behind the eardrum)
  • Ringing or buzzing sound in the ears (tinnitus)

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