Ayurvedic treatment for What is Nose bleed

What is Nose bleed

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What is Nose bleed Ayurvedic treatment


There may be a number of reasons for nose bleeds to occur. It may not be always possible to detect the exact cause of nose bleeds. The nose comprises of a large network of blood vessels. These blood vessels are situated closer to the surface in the anterior and posterior regions of the nose. They are very delicate and bleed easily. Nosebleeds commonly occur in adults and children (3-10 year old).1-2

Nose bleeds are of two types. Bleeding from the blood vessels located in the front of the nose leads to anterior bleeding. These make up to 90% of all the nose bleeds. Bleeding usually comes from an artery in the back part of the nose leads to posterior nosebleed. Posterior nosebleeds can be dangerous.2

Nose bleed in Ayurveda, is termed as NAKSEER. According to Ayurveda, disturbance of Pitta is the major cause for nose bleeds. Increase in pitta causes bleeding from the nose.3

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