Ayurvedic treatment for What is Anal fissures or parikartika

What is Anal fissures or parikartika

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What is Anal fissures or parikartika Ayurvedic treatment


Anal fissure refers to a minor or a small break in the skin of the anal opening of the body. This commonly happens because of hard stools during bowel clearance. Generally, anal fissures are known to cause pain and bleeding associated with itching sensation, during defecation. For many people this may also lead to muscular spasms in the anus.1

Although anal fissures commonly found in infants but they can be seen in any age group. Most of the time they resolve with simple measures, like increasing intake of fiber intake, adequate hygiene or sitz baths (immersing lower body in warm water). If these do not help, there may be need for medicines or surgery.1

Ayurveda describes fissure as Parikartika. This word refers to the cutting or burning nature of pain. Additionally bleeding is another vital sign of the disease.3

As per Ayurveda, poor digestion and appetite along with high consumption of dry, hot, or salty foods aggravate the Pitta and Vata dosha, thereby leading to anal fissures.4

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