Ayurvedic treatment for Constipation Causes

Constipation Causes

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Constipation Causes


While constipation is common among all ages and populations, yet certain people are more likely to become constipated. These include following populations or people with following habits1 -

  • Those with a less active, sedentary lifestyle
  • Those with poor water an fluid intake
  • Those having stress
  • In women during pregnancy or after giving birth
  • Older age
  • After any surgery
  • Certain medications

The cause of constipation as identified in Ayurvedic texts is attributed to use of

  • Incompatible and conflicting foods (Virudha aahar)
  • Inadequate/ little food intake
  • Fasting
  • Consuming heavy to digest, dry, constipating, oily and fermented food 2

Some vihar (lifestyle) related causes2

  • Working till late at night
  • Alternatively sleeping in day time
  • Strenuous activities
  • Excessive sexual activity
  • Stress, nervousness
  • Low appetite
  • Excessive intake of cold & frozen stuff

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