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What is Flatulence

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What is Flatulence Ayurvedic treatment


Flatulence refers to the collection of gas in stomach and intestines and it’s and passing through the anal opening. Flatulence is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the wind entering the system while eating as well as some gas being produced by many food items. Additionally, it may be due to a health condition of the GI system or due to side effects of some medicines.1 Some habits that allow for excess swallowing of air, and cause flatulence are: 1

  • Habit of chewing gum
  • Smoking
  • Loose-fitting dentures
  • Quick swallowing of food.
  • Not adequately chewing the food

Apart from these, intake of hot and fizzy drinks (carbonated drinks) also may also cause flatulence in many people. 1

Ayurveda is a science of life and it is useful in maintaining health (Arogya) by following daily routine (Dincharya) and seasonal routine (Rutucharya).2

It recognizes flatulence as a symptom of poor digestion, and also as a symptom of imbalance of vata dosha.2

Inappropriate food is considered as a cause for flatulence. Having or eating of food such as poppy seeds, pigeon pea (Tur dal), peas, green peas, guavas, watermelon, cowpeas, baked food and unhealthy lifestyle such as sedentary life, staying up   late, having fast food leads to Agnimandya which causes flatulence/gas.2

Additionally, suppression of natural urges may also increase flatulence/gas.2

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