Ayurvedic treatment for What is Gall stones

What is Gall stones

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What is Gall stones Ayurvedic treatment


Gallstones refer to the small stones that get formed in the ‘gall bladder’ (a small pouch at the base of the liver, which produces stores and releases bile). These stones are made up of cholesterol and in a majority of cases, they are harmless and generally do not need treatment.1

But, in some people having gallstones, they can develop some complications, such as swelling in the gallbladder (cholecystitis), which can cause severe pain, jaundice and fever1

This condition where gallstones cause symptoms or complications is called as a ‘gallstone disease’ or ‘cholelithiasis’.1

As per the Ayurvedic understanding, gall bladder stores Pitta (bile), hence the organ gall bladder is called as Pittashaya in and the stone formed in it is called as gall bladder stone (Pittashmari).2

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