Ayurvedic treatment for Gall stones Causes

Gall stones Causes

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Gall stones Causes


When the levels of cholesterol in bile become very high, the excess cholesterol forms stones causing an imbalance in the chemical composition of bile.1

Although gallstones are very common only a minority of people will develop symptoms of gall stone disease. People at a higher risk of developing symptoms are females, overweight or obese people and those above the age of 40 or over.1

As per Ayurveda, accumulation of kapha dosha and its interaction with with pitta that is already present in the gall bladder (Pittashaya), leads to the formation of a sludge type material, causing obstruction in the passage of vayu.  Due to rukshadi guna of vayu, it converts the sludge (kapha-pitta mixture) into dry & solid form called as Pittashmari (gall stone).2

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