Ayurvedic treatment for What is Hepatitis

What is Hepatitis

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What is Hepatitis Ayurvedic treatment


Hepatitis refers to swelling of the liver. This swelling can be self-limiting or be an initial stage of the more serious conditions such as fibrosis (scar formation), cirrhosis (liver damage) or even cancer of the liver. The commonest cause of this swelling is due to a set of viruses that attack the liver cells. But, additionally, certain other infections, use of liver toxic substances (e.g. alcohol and drugs), and other diseases are also known to cause hepatitis.1

In Ayurveda, hepatitis is described as a condition called Kamla. Excessive intake of poor food (ahar) and bad lifestyle (vihar), aggravates pitta dosha, leading to development of swelling in different liver cells. This causes a dark yellow coloring of the urine and stool.  Additionally, the aggravated pitta, when it reaches different organs such as eyes, skin, face, nail, urine, etc. it produces yellow coloration of these organs.3

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