Ayurvedic treatment for Infantile colic Causes

Infantile colic Causes

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Infantile colic Causes


The exact cause for colic is not known, but there are many postulated to why they are caused. Some of these suggest indigestion, trapped wind, constipation or a temporary sensitivity of the child’s GI system to substances found in either the mother’s milk or packaged milk.1

Few infants may have an underlying organic disease such as lactose intolerance, anal fissures, subdural hematomas, or infantile migraine.  Babies fed on cow's milk maybe suspected for cow's milk allergy.1

Colic occurs equally in both boys and girls, as well as in babies that are breastfed versus those that are bottle-fed.1

As per Ayurveda physiology, colicky pain is a result of imbalance in the function of apana vayu (energy that helps digestion of food). Apana vayu stays in intestine and governs the ability to eject or eliminate what is not needed in the system. It is also responsible for urine and stool removal from body. Therefore any change/imbalance in the function of apan vayu leads to trapped wind in the gut and causes pain.2

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