Ayurvedic treatment for What is Intestinal worms

What is Intestinal worms

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What is Intestinal worms Ayurvedic treatment


Intestinal worms are small organisms called ‘helminths’. They are present in contaminated soil, vegetables, water and can reach human intestine when proper cleanliness/sanitation (e.g. not washing hand, not washing vegetables, playing in contaminated soil) is not maintained. These worm eggs are present in infected person’s feces and during open defecation get transferred to soil and water. They require three weeks in the soil before they become infective.

Some of the main species of worms found infecting people are - the roundworm, whipworm and the hookworms.1 These worms derive their nourishment from the  tissues/blood of the person they infect. Due to this, the infected person becomes weak and depending on the worm, the person may become anemic.

According to Ayurveda, krimi in a broader sense means all worms and microbes. Description of krimi is found since vedic period. ‘Krimi’ may be classified based on their source in the body into intestinal (antraj), Feces (purishaj), etc.3

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