Ayurvedic treatment for Intestinal worms Causes

Intestinal worms Causes

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Intestinal worms Causes


The following factors raise your risk for getting intestinal parasites:

  • Living in or visiting an area with poor sanitation/cleanliness
  • International travel to countries that have high prevalence of such infections
  • Poor sanitary conditions (impure food and water)
  • Poor hygiene
  • Age -- children and the elderly are more likely to get infected
  • Exposure to infected person
  • Having a weakened immune system

In Ayurveda, importantly three kinds of worm infestations are mentioned.3

  1. a) Kaphaja krimi - The worms are present in the stomach; on aggravation, they move to other sites as well. Such worms are flat, tiny and round. Some of the worms appear like the sprouted grains, thin in shape and invisible to the eye with a white or copper colored body.

Patients can have symptoms like: vomiting, sour belching, indigestion, tastelessness, dizziness, fever, feeling fullness.

  1. b) Raktaja krimi - These originate due to impure blood (infectious). They are described as minute without legs, round and copper colored.
  2. c) Purishaja krimi - These are present in large intestine. They usually travel downwards. If their count is increased significantly, they move towards stomach also.

They are characterized by foul smell in sour belching and deep breathing. The worms are comparatively bigger, and found in dark but multi colors.

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