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What is Jaundice

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What is Jaundice Ayurvedic treatment


Jaundice is the term for the condition in which the skin and white colored part of the eyes look yellow. The cause of Jaundice is presence of too much of the yellow pigment ‘bilirubin’ in the blood causing hyper-bilirubinemia.1

In the body, repair and new cell formation is a constant process. Bilirubin is a pigment that is formed during the break down process of hemoglobin (iron in blood) as a recycling process of old red blood cells. Normally, this bilirubin is carried to the liver by blood where it binds with bile (a substance in liver) and gets excreted out of the body in stool or urine. Due to malfunctioning of the liver (e.g. in hepatitis etc) this bilirubin does not get excreted and builds up in the body. Due to its inherent deep yellow color of the bile, it creates a yellow coloration on skin, and eyes.1

Jaundice is called as Kamla in Ayurved literature. This is a pittaj disease - i.e. one that is caused due to imbalanced pitta dosha. The excessive pitta produces abnormality in the body leading to yellow coloration of urine and stool. When increased pitta reaches the sites of disease such as different cells of the body it produces yellow coloration in eyes, skin, face, nail, urine etc.

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