Ayurvedic treatment for What is Pancreatitis

What is Pancreatitis

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What is Pancreatitis Ayurvedic treatment


Pancreatitis refers to the swelling of the Pancreas. It is a small but important organ situated behind the stomach in the abdomen.1

Pancreatitis is a serious condition - presenting as two types - acute and chronic. Acute pancreatitis is when the condition happens suddenly but gets resolved or cured in few days; whereas chronic pancreatitis ends up with the inflammation for many years.1

As per Ayurveda, the organ called Pancreas, is described as ‘Agnyashaya’ i.e seat of the agni (digestive fire). Thus pacncreatitis can be synonymous with Agnyashaya shoth. Its symptoms are caused due to the malfunctioning of Agni (digestive fire).2

An impaired digestive power (mandagni) is a root cause of undigested food toxins (Amadosha) and it is the crucial factor for manifestation of most of the diseases.2

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