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What is Head lice

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What is Head lice Ayurvedic treatment


Head lice are tiny insects that live in hair. They are very common amongst school children between the ages of 4-11 years. They are parasites which get the nourishment from human blood. Adult female lice lay 3-5 eggs per day which are glued to hair shaft that it is difficult to remove them. The eggs hatch in 7-10 days and go on to lay more eggs on the scalp. Head lice cause number of problems like itching, redness may also make the person prone to other infections. If not treated they can live in the hair for long time making it frustrating and irritating to deal.1

According to Ayurveda hair is a byproduct of bone formation; the tissue which is responsible for bone formation is also responsible for the hair growth. Good hair health is a symbol of balanced doshas in the body. Any imbalance in the doshas lead to different diseases of the hair.2

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