Ayurvedic treatment for What is Kidney Disease in elderly

What is Kidney Disease in elderly

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What is Kidney Disease in elderly Ayurvedic treatment


The increasing age of the elderly puts them at risk of developing several diseases that deteriorate their quality of life and increase health care burden.  Increasing age is related to impairment or slowing down of functions of organs. The functioning of the kidneys too, is known to slow down after the age of 30.1 

Elderly are at high risk of developing chronic kidney disease (CKD) due to gradual loss of functioning of the kidneys. In the elderly, there may be no signs of damage initially; hence, symptoms are not seen until the chronic kidney disease has progressed.2

Ayurveda does not have an analogous mention of chronic kidney disease with respect to the elderly, but as per the symptoms seen in the condition, it can be correlated with Mutravaha sroto vikaras (Diseases due to vitiation of Mutravaha srotas or Channels of urinary tract)). In this condition, the formation of urine is hampered due to vitiation of vata dosha, resulting in minimal or no urine production in the body.3

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