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What is Kidney dysplasia

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What is Kidney dysplasia Ayurvedic treatment


Kidney dysplasia is a condition where the kidneys (either one or both) of a newborn baby do not develop when in the mother’s womb. These newborns having severe kidney dysplasia of both kidneys generally and do not survive after birth. The newborns that do survive may need a kidney transplantation or regular dialysis (life support system to filter out harmful wastes from the body) immediately after birth for life.1

While there is no direct description of this condition in Ayurveda, disorders of development and congenital conditions are covered as Garbhaja vikruti (Congenital disorders). This vikruti (malformation) is based on the concept of Shad-Garbhkarabhavas (six procreative factors) such as Matrija (Maternal), Pitrija (Paternal), Aatmaja (Soul), Rasaja (Nourishment/blood), Satmyaja (Homologusness), and Sattvaja (Psychic). 2

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