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What is Kidney stones

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What is Kidney stones Ayurvedic treatment


Kidney stones are the small deposits that get accumulated in the kidneys. They are medically termed as Renal-lithiasis or Nephrolithiasis. These stones are made up of minerals and some salts found in the urine. In cases where the urine becomes denser or more concentrated, these minerals stick together and crystallize to form the stones. These stones are very painful and cause agony.1

Ayurveda describes this condition as Ashmari (Ashma- stone and ari - enemy). Ashmari is most commonly called mutrashmari (Urinary /kidney stones).  It is a disease of the Mutravaha strotas (Urinary channels) and is considered one of the Ashta Mahagadas (8 deadly diseases) by Ayurveda.2

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