Ayurvedic treatment for What is Cold and cough

What is Cold and cough

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What is Cold and cough Ayurvedic treatment


Coughs and colds are common diseases in children caused by germs or viruses. Colds are fast spreading viral diseases of the soft lining of the nose called the mucosa. These normally ease up on their own, and antibiotic medicines are usually of no use. It is said that cough and cold gets cured on its own in 4-10 days. However, if the symptoms still persists than it can be something else. Cold is also seasonal, it is most common during winter season and affects children mostly because they have a lower immunity. There are more than 200 different viruses that can cause cold. Children need adequate amounts of fluids as a result to keep them hydrated and prevent dehydration.

Bala tantra or Kaumarabhritya is a branch of Ayurveda which discusses care of children and management of childhood diseases. As the child is in growing stage and dhatus are still immature  therefore he needs  special care The Overall development (Physical as well as Mental) during this period play a major role in the foundation of the rest of a person’s life.6

According to Ayurveda due to inappropriate lifestyle and dietary habits it leads to develop, ama (undigested toxins in body) in the body. This ama along with vitiated kapha produces symptoms such as low appetite, nasal and chest congestion, weakness and mild fever.6

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