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What is Ear pain

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What is Ear pain Ayurvedic treatment

EAR PAIN Meaning

Ear pain or earaches in children are common. These can be caused by an infection in the ear behind the eardrum or in the middle ear. Kids under 5 years old are at risk for ear infections, especially as a result of upper respiratory infections.

In Ayurveda, ear diseases are called karna roga. Depending on the dosha involved, they are classified into following types.

  • Vata type characterized by severe pain along with thin discharge, dried ear wax, ringing in ear (tinnitus), and deafness
  • Pitta type shows symptoms as swelling, redness, tearing, burning, and yellow discharge
  • Kapha type characterized by swelling, mild pain, itching, white and slimy discharge, and abnormal hearing
  • Sannipatataja type is when vata, pitta, and kapha imbalance occur together; the discharge is colored according to the predominant dosha

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