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What is Liver Cirrhosis

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What is Liver Cirrhosis Ayurvedic treatment


Cirrhosis is caused by scarring of the liver due to continuous, long-term liver damage.1 Every time the liver is injured, it tries to repair itself. In the process, scar tissue forms. As cirrhosis progresses, there is increased formation of scar tissue, making it difficult for the liver to function.2 This damage can't be reversed causing liver functions to stop. This is called liver failure.2

From Ayurvedic perspectives, liver cirrhosis is caused due to extreme aggravation of pitta dosha. Liver function is affected by aggravated pitta which later vitiates other doshas as well. There is intoxication of Rasa and rakta dhatus as well as dhatus too become weak. Almost all functions of pitta get considerably hampered such as digestion of food, complexion of skin, feeling of hunger, and production of blood etc.3

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