Ayurvedic treatment for What is Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

What is Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

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What is Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Ayurvedic treatment


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is caused by fat deposits in liver usually seen in obese or overweigh people. A healthy liver should contain little or no fat. Early-stage of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease doesn't usually cause any harm, but it can lead to serious liver damage, if it gets worse. High levels of fat in liver is risk factor for problems such as stroke, diabetes and heart.1

Liver is an essential component for digestion and elimination hence considered a fire or pitta organ. Therefore, a balance in the pitta dosha supports the liver's ability to flush toxins from the body. Toxins like alcohol or fats will overload the liver, making it work too hard causing inflammation throughout the body.2

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